Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Merry Aspen Trees

One of the trees that I've come to love is the aspen tree. I see the thick foliage as its crowning glory, as it changes hues from spring to autumn. In spring, its yellow-green leaves bespeak of a fresh beginning with a promise. In summer, the leaves mature into darker green, though underneath each leaf is lighter, almost silvery. Finally, autumn bequeaths it with dazzling colors - yellow, orange or red, vibrant hues that never fail to delight the nature-lovers.

Its loveliness is even more striking when it stands alongside the evergreen trees under the deep blue sky.

Gazing at such vibrant scenery makes me feel like floating in space on the wings of ecstasy.

But the thing that completely mesmerizes me is the flapping of each little leaf when a wind passes through them. Especially in summer, when the leaves are still green. The silver underside of the leaves turn up as they unanimously wave at me, flashing their silver smiles and airing their musical greetings as they click one another.

Here is a short video I recorded one windy day at the onset of autumn. I just got off the bus and walked past a little park near our apartment. The merry sound that the wind generated from them caught my attention. (Note: the last sound came from a passing car.)

Now, the glorious colors have withered as the trees were totally stripped of their golden foliage. But they keep standing majestically, waiting for the whiteness of winter to coat them. And here in this blog stands a monument of these cheerful trees in the peak of their splendor, a monument that is created through the lens of my camera.