Saturday, August 20, 2016

Revisiting Arboretum Norr

One place that's worth visiting every year is a nature reserve in a nearby countryside, just a few minutes drive from our city center.  It's called Arboretum Norr, a place teeming with botanical treasures that draw people whose hearts are inclined toward the world of green. It's also an ideal place for healthful walking, mellowing out and immersing oneself in serenity. 

Hubby and I visit this place almost  every year, in spring and summer, and explore the flourishing foliage and the gradual blossoming of the blooming trees and bushes. In fact, I've written a blog or two about this place some years back, so I don't need to say another word about it. I'm just going to photo-journal how things look like here on this year's visit. I'm compiling together some pictures I took in spring and summer.

The spring beauties....

The wonder of trees....

Sections of the river where the water  merrily cascaded and capered over the rocks....

The roses and other summer flowers....

The vibrant leaves....

Hammocks in the woods, by the river...

The trails we trod...

The colorful winged creatures that I managed to capture....

The meadowsweet herbs in full bloom....

Other scenes in the area....

Fruitful shrubs....

I've actually hoarded hundreds of pictures of the things that delighted my eyes during our walks there, but I would definitely bore my readers/viewers if I'd post more than these, which is already too much. So these are enough to serve as a reminiscence of this year's visit to this refreshing world of green.

"He will be like a tree planted by streams of water,
A tree that produces fruit in its season,
The foliage of which does not wither.
And everything he does will succeed."
- Psalm 1:3


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Summer Is Gliding By

I decided to skip the second part of my spring photo-narrative.  Another neglect that I feel sorry about. I simply can't keep up. But perhaps someday, I'm going to post my other spring pictures in My Nature Photography blog, or maybe here, probably sometime in November.

This time, I'm taking a big leap from early spring to summer. The early days of summer were characterized by rains and thick clouds. At times, the weather forecast didn't hold, blame it to the erratic nature of the weather. Later on, real summer stabilized with its distinctive warmth, scent and colors. It came with a wealth of empyreal beauties that I consistently deem as a generous gift from our loving Creator.

So now I'm going to perpetuate some of these gifts that I gathered during this part of the season.

The flower galore:

The fields of wildflowers:

The meadows, walkways and trails:

The water worlds:

Birds and cattles:


Our balcony stuffs: 

These are actually just a few of my astronomical "jewels" stored in my treasure-trove, but more than enough to represent this season's bounty.

"Always be rejoicing. Give thanks for everything."
- 1 Thessalonians 5:16,18