Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Galaxy of Snowflakes / Ice Crystals

Winter is soon over, and I have posted only one winter theme out of the several amazing events and features of this season.

No, I still haven't lost an iota of my blogging fervor, in fact it's always burning in my heart. It's just that there are weightier matters that I must carry out. 

So, for the time being, and I don't really know how long, I'm going to post mostly through the language of pictures to describe the "galaxy" where I'm living this season. Actually, every season is a different galaxy for me, and I thrive in all galaxies. I will try to keep up with the orbits of the swirling galaxies by posting more photos and less words.

This one's entirely about the snowflakes that came to settle momentarily one lovely January day. It was the kind of day that allured me to go and explore this "galaxy" that just lay behind our  apartment compound. I braved the freezing -20 C degrees to capture the marvels of these tiny winter stars.

capturing the colorful bokeh of sparkling snowflakes in the background

snowflakes perching on the twigs

clinging to the withered grass stalks

summer's meadow sweet and queen anne's lace wildflowers live on in winter with these crystalline florets

tiny leaves of frosts grew from the dead bushes

ice crystals on our window panes

These are just a few of the astronomical snowflakes that I have preserved from that day, just enough to tell how wonderful my day had been in that little galaxy that I cherish so dearly. 

Some pictures can be viewed here: Snowflakes Universe

Have a wonderful weekend ahead!


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