Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Swedish Return Policy

A recent event at the grocery has impressed me. The grocery had some beef called entrecoté from Germany sold at low price.  We took advantage of the sale and purchased two kilos, which we would store in the freezer for future use. When we got home, my hubby was inspired to prepare our dinner. When it was finally time to eat, we were both disappointed to find that the meat was so chewy that we could not eat it.  It was supposed to be tender, but something was obviously wrong.

The following day, we took the remaining meat back to the grocery to let them know how it was. The service personnel went to her boss and asked about it. When she came back, we got a big surprise when she gave us back twice the amount of what we paid for, explaining that the company pays double for anyone who complains about their products. Wow, incredible! But then, maybe they want to compensate for the inconvenience that the products bring to the customers. I salute!

I also heard about other return policies in some stores, which are really impressive. One clothing store has a return policy for 6 months. If you are not satisfied with the clothes you have bought there, you can return them to any of its store throughout the country within six months, and you could choose another or get your money back.  

There’s also one big plant boutique with a one-month return policy. If you buy non-flowering plants and you don’t like their effect on your home interior design, you can give them back within one month and get another, or if you don’t want anything else, you can have your money back. 

I know there are other stores out there with similar return policies that I haven't discovered yet. Perhaps other countries have the same policies, but not where I came from. So this is something new to me again, and I’m truly impressed.