Friday, July 19, 2013

Sailing Through Stormy Seas

I have been to stormy seas. You have no idea how many storms have struck me. You can never imagine how furiously the tempests whipped me, the turbulent waves tossing me to-and-fro, up and down. My body became enervated, and yet....

I refused to give in to fear even amidst the scary darkness that enveloped me and the thought of death trying to swallow me up. 

I braved them all. I summoned whatever strength I had to learn how to sail my ship, and I made it. I conquered the storms, I survived.

Those were the days of long ago.

Now, whatever storms may lash at me, however violent, I don't shrink back in fear....

For I have mastered the art of sailing through the raging storms in the sea. And I know that I can get to the shore safe and uninjured.

"For all things I have the strength by virtue of him who imparts power to me."
Philippians 4:13

Monday, July 15, 2013

This Year's First Blueberries

The berries in the field came too early this year like the summer flowers. I didn't expect to go picking this early, but there I was last Friday in a little pine grove nearby with dense blueberry undergrowth. 

Just the few square meters section of the bushes that I worked on yielded about 3 liters of berries. I know that's too little, but good enough for the time being. I didn't intend to gather much this time because we would be picking from a vast field in the countryside later. At least, we have some fresh berries for our muesli breakfasts and ice cream desserts for several days. 

I was so happy with my little harvest, mainly because I really love to pick and I had been longing to pick again. I came home to winnow my first blueberry harvest for this year. 

And this is another bit of joy added to my treasure chest of simple pleasures.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Not A Boring Moment

There is not a dull moment or a boring day for one who keeps himself preoccupied with wholesome activities and has an affinity with nature where he can always find something that makes him aglow and joyful everyday.

No matter how quiet the place, how empty the streets, and how dark the day, there is always something magical in the sky, among the trees and other vegetation, and the ground under our feet that our well-trained eyes can transmit to our brain where the magic grows and is eventually spread throughout the body by all the synapses that exist therein.

Sometimes, it takes only a very little thing to vanish any vestige of loneliness and boredom and make us soar in bliss. All we need is an appreciative eye and an open mind and heart to absorb the deeper essence of little things. Then each day, each moment becomes colorful, vibrant and richly blessed. Spirit-lifting!

"Let your love be without hypocrisy....
cling to what is good....
Do not loiter at your business.
Be aglow with the spirit....
Rejoice in the hope."
(Romans 12:9-12)

Just sharing a bit of my personal philosophy and experience.

May you all have a cheery and enchanting Sunday!

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Midsummer Weekend

Midsummer this year was June 22, "the period of time centered upon the summer solstice, and more specifically the European celebrations that accompany the actual solstice or take place on a day between June 21 and June 25 and the preceeding evening." More information about summer solstice can be found here: Summer Solstice.

We spent the weekend of Midsummer, 21, 22, 23 of June, in simple but relaxing and rewarding activities. On Midsummer's eve, we set out on a fishing jaunt in a countryside lake. It was a quiet bright evening, the sun shining radiantly near the zenith even at 7 p.m. Parked on a little clearing along the lake was a big homecar occupied by some Polish nationals who came here to fish too. 

We parked in another corner of the lake with a viewing/fishing platform.  While hubby was fishing, I went about hunting for something to photograph. 

It looked like this was not the best time for fishing. Hubby said that he's a mink. If a mink can't catch fish, then there's no fish at all. But that was okay, it was still nice to be out there in this pleasant night.

Back home that night, I went to pick some wildflowers from the wayside and placed them in a vase, then we ate the traditional midsummer dinner, a simple meal of  pickled "sill" (herring), boiled potatoes with a special sauce.  At the same time, we watched midsummer programs on tv.

The afternoon of the following day, Midsummer day, we traveled to another lake to fish. This time, the weather was slightly gloomy but looked promising. As always, while hubby was fishing, I took lots of pictures.  And he caught five good-sized trouts weighing about 4 kilos altogether. We ate one for dinner that night and stored the remaining four in the freezer.

Sunday was a very quiet day. Most people just took it easy, woke up late and maybe stayed home, except those who went away for travel holidays.

We tended our small flower bed and rearranged our plants. I also took out the flower vase and placed it on our back porch table, feasted my eyes on the potpourri of wildflowers and photograph them in many angles. That's also one of my simple pleasures.

This weekend closed with the appearance of the supermoon (see my other blog here), which smiled at me and whispered, "It's been a fine midsummer weekend, and I'm here tonight to crown it with celestial beauty."