Tuesday, November 16, 2010

To Catch a Snowflake

Snow came early this winter as was predicted, and it keeps falling almost everyday, adding new layers of snows that blanket the ground. Watching the falling snowflakes always gives me a sense of bliss and serenity that somehow metaphorically transforms the gloom to sunshine.

Snowy days remind me of the first simple poem that I wrote about snow after my first experience to see and observe the snow.

To Catch a Snowflake

Floating, swirling, in sync with the wind,
Delicate snowflakes are descending,
Veiling the land with glorious whiteness,
A shower of beauty that is a blessing.

Childhood dreams that have been long buried
In the vast ocean of my memory:
To walk and play in winter wonderland,
Have come alive in such a flurry.

To watch the snowfall by the window,
To catch the snowflakes in my hand,
To walk and bathe in lacy showers,
Can whisk my soul to ecstasy-land.

(27 December 2009)