Monday, January 28, 2013

Happily Eccentric

As I mentioned in my previous post, the days were full of sunshine recently. I had been chasing the sunlight, getting myself bathed in its brightness and capturing its radiance. It hadn't snowed for weeks, though our whole city is still covered with piles of snow.

Yesterday, however, an unchecked whim seized me: I had been missing the snowfall!

When I woke up this morning, voila!, the snow was falling. And it went on the whole day, and there will come more tonight. 

Today, despite the gray clouds that canopied us,  I enjoyed another walk amid the snowfall. I lifted my face toward the sky, letting the snow touch my skin, savoring its cold sensation. I stuck my tongue out to catch the snow, to feel and drink its coldness.

Okay, this is just one of my simple pleasures. Can't help jotting it down. Can't get enough of the season, not tired of it at all. I'm sure I will always love winter, I mean, the winter that we have here, the one that I've ever known. I don't know about the winter in other countries, which keeps me wondering why many loathe it, why there's a thing called winter blues.

I think I'm just blessed to have this outlook, to see and feel what others can't during such seemingly dreary days. 

Or maybe I'm just an eccentric person, being happy over the things that may be meaningless for others.

...but always in BLISS!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sunny Days

The sun has been shining for many days now and the sky is mostly cloudless during midday. The frosted trees have been relieved of their loads of snow as the gentle warmth of the sun kissed their little twigs. The ground snow is always there, with prismatic ice crystals being constantly formed on the surface, which then produce a profusion of glitters that twinkle on and off as sunlight comes in contact with them.  

A day would usually starts like this,

and later, either of these,

In the afternoon, like two p.m., clouds begin to gather low in the sky as if to escort the sun in its descent to the horizon.

It is often during such hours when I'm still in the middle of my work that the strong "magnetism" of such beauty overpowers me, and I find myself taking a break and give in to the enticement to go out and chase after  such beauty. It's good my Nikon compact camera is always with me, ready to shoot at any moment.

I know that beyond those bare trees lies the entirety of such loveliness, but I wouldn't go that far while I'm working.

After my work, though, I would rush toward the sunset, hoping to catch something in its wake. The sun rushes to go down too, leaving only its afterglow and the thickening clouds over it. Still delightful though.

When I come home, our neighborhood is still bathed in the dimming pastel colors of the sky.

And the moon's silvery face scintillates amid the blueness of the night sky.

What more can I wish for on winter days like these?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Scattering Sunshine

"Scatter Sunshine!" used to be the motto of my bosom friend, and I also came to adopt it as my personal slogan which I intend to keep for as long as I breathe.

Everyday, I've been going about scattering sunshine in many different ways wherever I go. With some simple and sincere gestures, such as smiling, speaking cheerfully and positively, being kind and considerate, giving cards and practical assistance, showing appreciation and gratitude, etc., I can sprinkle sunshine that can make a good impact on anyone who gets sprinkled.

I'm also trying to globalize my scattering through this blog, so that anyone who stumbles upon this will also get a piece of sunshine that everyone deserves.  This is why my blogs focus mostly on positive tones - high spirits, bliss, elation, inspiration, joy, simple pleasure, beauty - all synonymous descriptions.

It's not that I don't have heartaches and adversities at all, sure I also have a share of them. I used to write about tragic and painful experiences, and I enjoyed writing them. I also love reading about tragic stories, personal sufferings and highly melancholic narratives or blogs. But I keep such brooding subjects to my own "consumption" and as a sort of personal catharsis. I opt to write in this blog happy thoughts and feelings instead. But perhaps, once in a while, I will also blog about some pathetic experiences, with lessons learned and hope reborn.

My main concerns, though, are on bright and happy things. I don't mean at all to flaunt or boast about my travels (which are just few and simple), my accomplishments, my optimism and whatever I put here. I don't have that much anyway compared to others. Oh, yes, I have nothing to boast about at all. I just live a simple life, am happy with the little that I have, and blissful with whatever blessings I receive. I blog about them because I truly want others to see what I see (at least vicariously), feel what I feel, get the same joy and inspiration that I get. etc.

So this blog is all about happy times, cheerful thoughts, hopes, inspiration. I'm not insinuating that we'd just leave out any negative thoughts and experiences. Sure, they're always there, but it's also beneficial to learn to sift out the bad ones and keep the ones that can spur us on to have a brighter outlook and definitely a meaningful and satisfying life.

Go ahead...catch your piece of sunshine and pin it to your heart!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Reassessing My Blog Title

This blog has been existing for three years now. And I have been living here for a little over three years. Sure, much has changed, especially with my social life. My circle of friends has expanded.

Sometimes, I wonder if my blog title is still relevant to my present situation.


Wanderings - Unquestionably, I'm still a wanderer, wandering around anywhere near and far. Yes, I still love to travel and to wander. I also keep wandering in space, both outer and inner.

Solitary - Given the many friends, or to be exact, acquaintances, that I have gathered, this word seems outdated. On second thoughts, though, I still go on with my activities solitarily, enjoy doing things that I love to do alone (since I haven't found anyone yet who truly shares my interests),  travel only with my hubby (since my new "friends" are not the type who prefer to travel with others apart from their families and close friends, and they would rather go to overhyped destinations instead of the wild outdoor that we   frequent). And I'm still a solitaire in my own galaxy, where incredible things happen and impossible dreams come true, alone to live it all up. In these senses, I'm still solitary.

Blissful  -  100% fitting! I'm still blissful amidst my solitude, despite the absence of a bosom friend. I find bliss in the things I do, my works, my missions, my hobbies, my limited conversations with the people I work for. I'm ecstatic being with nature and embracing all its gifts.  I'm blissful just to be alive and able to serve our Creator and my fellowmen.

So, I'm going to keep my blog title, and I don't see any reason to alter it, not now, and not even in the future.

My blissful solitary wanderings will go on as long as my life goes on.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Still Madly In Love....


The fourth winter in my life still keeps me spellbound.  I'm still taking it all in through the eyes of one who has his first winter experience. Every year, a new facet of its beauty always comes up.  There's always something that amazes me, something that makes my heart ache with sheer joy.

Winter's dark beginning has gradually abated. The short daylight and long darkness have commenced their shifting course. There were those weeks when the sun never came up, but now, it's peering through the snow-laden trees as it rolls low across the horizon.

Snow is super abundant here every winter and lasts throughout the season. It stays virgin in most parts of our place, making such areas delightful to see. This also explains why there are several ski resorts in and around our city, and skiing a well-loved sport and recreation.

And yes, I love to look at all the whiteness that blankets the entire place!

I still love... catch the falling snowflakes and let them settle on my face.

...the snow that glitters on the ground, the roofs and the trees, and how they wink at me as I pass by them.
 take a long walk on the snow and defy the cutting coldness of the day, to roll on the snow like a little child, and to ski.

...the days when the sun is out and makes everything it shines on sparkle with beauty.

...even gloomy and misty days when comforting silence settles over the whole city.

...the treetops gilded with the golden radiance of the sun, and the sunlight being trapped inside the "body" of spruce or pine trees.

...the days and nights when temperature is minus 20 or so degrees Celsius and all the bare trees are thickly coated with frosts.

...the various shades of the night, whether the sky is clear or overcast.

...the softly glowing pastel colors of the clouds on a winter day.

...the marvelous cloud patterns that paint the clear sky.

...the frozen city river where people walk across for a short-cut route to the city center.

...the winter birds perching on the bushes/trees and basking in the cold or in the warmth of the sun.

...going out to our backyard at around midnight and gaze with wonder at the winter triangle, the Orion, and other constellations and bright planets in the winter firmament.

...looking forward to auroral activities and let my heart dance with the northern lights. take tons of pictures of anything snowy and glittery.

Oh, wonder by wonder! There's so much beauty in winter, that I cannot mention them all. I feel so blessed to have landed and settled on this corner of the planet where winter is nothing but magical.

And I praise and give glory to the ONE who adorned our home planet with such jewels, which are the works of his hands.

I hope that anyone reading this can feel the magical sensation that I heartily wish to extend to ALL who visit my site.