Friday, September 23, 2011

Blooming Shrubs that Intoxicate Me

Even in this early autumn, when they have withered away, their scents keep wafting in my mind and intoxicating my senses. They have long gone, and yet,  they seem to linger and disperse their sweet fragrance all around.

These are three of the several richly flowering shrubs that grow here in profusion. Their luxuriant little flowers are such a delight to behold and their fragrances send me walking on air as I pass by them.

First came the lilacs, one of spring's lovely gifts that occupy an endearing spot in the hearts of many, including me. Their different shades are certainly a feast for the eyes.

In summer, the mock orange shrub (philadelphus lewisii) blossoms into countless star-like flowers in their all-white glory.  These shrubs adorn many corners of the city and their flowers spread out their balmy scent everywhere. A whiff of their aroma makes me forget all the troubles in the world.


The damask roses in summer don't only splash the walkways with vibrant colors but also entice every passerby to stop for a while and drink in their sensational fragrance, which thickly saturates the air. wonderful life is with these gifts from our Creator who wants us not merely to live but also to enjoy living by providing us our senses and the things that can satisfy them!

"You are opening your hand
And satisfying the desire of every living thing."
- Psalm 145:16