Saturday, September 28, 2013

First Snow, 2013

The leaves haven't completely turned their fall colors yet  (in fact, green still dominates, except some aspen and maple trees), and then the first snow fell.  It came on Thursday morning, 26th of Sept., with 2 degrees C temperature, while  I was fast asleep. Regretfully, I missed it, only a wet ground left to be seen when I opened the window blinds.

The event was brought to my attention by a video post of a friend in FB, who has just recently moved to Sweden. That was her first snowfall experience and she recorded it.

Well, I'll just watch out for the second snowfall which will probably come soon, as temperature keeps dropping down. 

Meanwhile, I'm posting some of my recent fall-watch images, taken last week.

This week has been gloomy, windy and a bit rainy. Most leaves are still green, though we're undeniably well into autumn.

I'll keep my eye out for more changes. Have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


words of suspicion and accusation                                                        
  clearly a far cry from the truth
    issuing forth from the lips
     of one beloved or cared about
       blindly, impulsively, ruthlessly
         cutting the heart of an innocent
           who wrestled in her pain alone
             eyes drowning in pools of tears
               chest tigthening
                 heart heaving in anguish
                   why, why, why?
                      she let herself be hauled
                        by the force of a whirlpool
                          swirling down in a suffocating hole
                            swallowed by gloom
                              willingly, not a whit of struggle.
                                then suddenly, inexplicably
                                  she emerged out of the whirl
                                    refined and recharged
                                      unafraid to face
                                        whatever arrows aimed at her
                                           past hurt confined to oblivion
                                             not a trace of ill feelings
                                              transcendent love has conquered
                                                she came out triumphant
                                                  ... as always.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Season For Outdoor Dinners

Well, the season has elapsed, but I want to keep a record of those beautiful summer evenings that allured us to have our dinners at our little back porch.

This practice of eating outdoor, that is, the veranda or patio of one's house or unit, is very common here every summer, when everyone takes advantage of the warmth and luminance of this brief season. Most residences have outdoor dining sets with umbrellas or similar canopies where families enjoy dinner together during evenings that look like midday.

These are also times when hubby is inspired to cook palatable foods and arrange them attractively. He is kind of a food connoisseur. We grilled pork and chicken, and made salads, which we ate along with wine or beer. Favorite dessert was vanilla ice cream with strawberries.

When dinners were over, we would usually laze in our chairs for a few minutes and admire the flowers that the season bestowed us through our potted plants and our small flower bed. Their presence had such a wonderful effect on our psyche.

Now, as temperature gradually goes down, outdoor dinners may come to a halt, unless we feel comfortable eating in the cold air of fall's onset. But we have had our fill of those outdoor gastronomic pleasures. Just right enough for this year's summertime.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

By the Lakes of Storuman

Two days after our small grill party with the boss, we set off to a place frequented by anglers and berry-pickers, named Storuman, 231 km northwest of Umeå, about 3 hours ride by car. Actually, it's my second time to visit the place on purpose. This time, we traveled by caravan - a volvo combi conveying Mikael and Raquel, and a volvo sedan with hubby and me, same group that went to Ö-vik.

We started out after lunch of July 25. We dropped by Lycksele to buy some grocery and eat our sandwiches before driving non-stop across vast spaces of evergreen forests  and lakes toward our destination.

We arrived in the late afternoon, with fine weather awaiting us.  We headed straight to the same camping site where we stayed last time, and set up our tents, probably my first and last time to sleep in tent this year. 

At the close of the day before going to sleep, we stood along the banks of the lake for a few moments to watch the gentle ripples on the serene water gilded by the glow of the moonrise. 

The following day, we walked down the lake, which was just a few strides from our tents, borrowed a couple of boats and rowed across to check if we could catch a fish. It looked like the fish were not hungry at all since they didn't care about the "foods" we  cast them. But that's okay, at least, we enjoyed the relaxing boat ride.

After lunch, we tried another lake which was not so far from the camping site. Here, we caught a few small char fishes , which became our tasty dinner that evening. The rain poured while we were in the middle of the lake, after which came the rainbow.

I also picked blueberries while waiting for our companions to come ashore. Obviously, others had already picked ahead, so I just gleaned their leftovers.

Another night set in, tranquil and reposeful.

I captured the blazing sky,

...the moonrise,

...and a couple of toads.

Then we retired to our tents and spent our second night in sweet sleep.

I was awakened by the pounding of the rain on our tent. The sound lulled me back to sleep even though it was already high time to be up and about. When the rain stopped, we all crawled out of our tents, made coffee and ate our late  breakfast. 

This was our last day here, but before we checked out of the camping site, we went to the lake one last time to catch fish. This time, Hubby and Mikael shared one boat while Raquel and I took another. The two men were out to catch fish while we girls aimed at picking berries from the slope at the other side of the lake.

Hubby caught one medium-sized charfish, which was all they got. I also filled half of my bucket with blueberries. I could pick much more since the whole hillside was blanketed with blueberry bushes loaded with ripe sweet berries, but it was quite hard to carry a full bucket and walk over the moss-covered boulders with hidden hallows along the banks of the lake. So I contented myself with the half bucket.

While waiting for my companion to come down, I took my time to shoot some little things that pleased my eyes.

The rain came when we started to row back to the other side, and the waves were quite alarming. Hubby told us before to wait for a motor boat to fetch us, but we said, no need, we could make it. When we reached the middle of the lake, a rainbow appeared as the clouds began to part.

Having packed our things, we set off for home, carrying with us (or me, for sure) another precious memory of an entirely relaxing weekend sprinkled with simple pleasures that nourished my soul.