Thursday, April 21, 2011

When the Birds are Merrily Singing...

.... then certainly, it's spring!

When spring finally entered the portal of time the first week of March, it was fully clad with the brightness and comforting warmth of the sun which traveled across the blue sky and escorted by a host of silvery clouds.

There were still hills of snow, but the sun shone brightly on them.

There were days when heaven piled more snowflakes over the shrinking snow that still covered the ground. 

But shortly afterward, the snow clouds would clear away and the descending sun would start to glow, kissing the fresh layer of super-white snow.

Some days later, the snow started to melt.

The ground had been dotted with patches of water from the melting snow.

Spring bulbs have finally wakened from their long sleep and are springing out.

Many of the their flowers are in full bloom, like these crocuses,

the snow drops,

the glory of the snow,

and the winter aconite.

The pussy willow bushes have put on their spring colors,

and their little velvety flowers are popping out.

The evergreen trees stand majestically against the clear blue sky, flaunting their fresh green foliage.

The butterflies are also coming out to bask in the warm sunshine.

Different kinds of birds are flying overhead, perching on the twigs and singing their spring songs.

The moon's silvery face lights up even in daytime as it smiles down on the earth.

The sun stays longer in the sky, and it still lingers in the horizon even at 8:00 pm.

Sunsets are always a joy to behold.

And now, the last of the snow is  melting speedily.

Soon, the last vestige of winter will completely disappear, and the botanical sphere of creation will flourish once again. 

Meanwhile, I keep watching at the sky with its constantly changing arrays of multiform clouds. And as I look up, I hear the birds singing their merry songs which proclaim that spring is indeed in the air.

“The heavens are declaring the glory of God; and of the work of his hands the expanse is telling. Into all the earth their measuring line has gone out, and to the extremity of the productive land their utterances.” -Psalm 19:1, 4.