Sunday, November 20, 2011

First Snow

I've just posted my new blog last night stating that I may not see the first snow this winter because soon, I'd be off to the tropical islands where I came from. And then early this afternoon today as I was writing another blog, I glanced out through the window, and the white ground caught my eyes. My first thought was that the asphalted parking space got rid of its moisture and turned dry. But how could it be when the air was gloomy and icy?  I looked closely at the air, then realized that little snows were falling. I exclaimed joyfully and ran outside to feel the snowflakes and the wintry coldness of this day. Shortly, the flakes became bigger and more numerous. And I savored the satisfaction of being able to see and feel the first snow right before my departure. The snowfall was short-lived but it was enough to create a lasting memory. It was a harbinger of the third winter in my life.

That's one of my simple pleasures. The magical effect of snow on one's psyche. I never get over the fascination of watching the falling snow and letting it touch my skin.

Ah, life, despite its dark days, is sweet and beautiful! What a wonderful gift from our loving Creator!