Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Facets of Summer

This is just a little break from my summer travelogue. I feel the necessity to chronicle this year's visage of summer in our place before it's completely gone. All the pictures here were taken in June and July.

The season is not altogether warm and sunny. Its multifarious appearance, however, is as delightful as its pure summery aspect.

One of the many advantages of the season is the 24-hour brightness, particularly here in our place. 

That means that one can have lots of outdoor activities even in the deep of the night. This is how the sky looks like at 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. respectively.

Most days are full of sunshine, with the sky immaculately blue.

When the clouds are out, they surely paint the sky with gorgeous beauty.

At times, it showers, and once or twice, it rained hard. This summer, I experienced the hardest rain in Sweden during my almost three years stay here.

One time, the rain was accompanied by hails, which remained solid even several hours afterward.

But after each rain, a rainbow, or a double rainbow, would surely smile from the sky.

And then the days are fine again. Warmth and sunshine take over for most of the season. Colors and designs  are everywhere.

The rest of my pictures tell volumes of stories about the diverse facets of summer that we have this year.

It's been another amazingly beautiful summer. My third summer in this place I joyfully call ... HOME.

"Every good gift and every perfect present is from above, for it comes down from the Father of the celestial lights."
- James 1:17