Monday, November 18, 2013

Upcycling Juice Boxes

Shorty after I moved to this country, each time a box of juice had been emptied out, I had that persistent notion that I should do something about the boxes since they are durable and are coated with aluminum foil within. So I came up with the idea of making gift boxes out of them. Since then, I stored every empty box after drinking up the orange juice and crafted several gift boxes.

Here are some I made for young friends, with an inspiring Scripture about spending one's youth, and are filled with assorted chocolates.

A university office worker, also a friend of mine, ordered these pieces to sell to her co-workers, which were all sold out.

Here's with a parting message for a young man who moved to another place to help more people strengthen their spiritual well-being.

Choco boxes with photo holders

For the two self-sacrificing young men from the south who came up here to help in the "spiritual harvest" work

Here's to welcome a lovely couple from the south who also became my friends

I still have several boxes waiting to be upcycled and commissioned projects to be done but not much time yet. I do love crafting but I do it mostly in my spare time. But whatever projects I have, I will definitely accomplish my stride.