Monday, November 3, 2014

The Day After

I'm referring to the day after my aurora sighting. After all those spellbinding light shows in the night sky, another kind of enchantment turned up in the morning. This time, the show was right under the feet, and a little higher. 

From our dining room window, the outdoor scene looked like this.

Yes, frosts coated the grass and other vegetation. From afar, the frosts look unattractive, but viewed up close, the charm of the tiny cystals unfolds.

It was time to stoop and peer closer to the tiny ice crystals that speared up from the leaves. I took my time to scour the ground for the most photogenic frosts, and then endured the icy pain that stung my fingers as I focused my camera lens on my chosen subjects at different angles.

I know that these tiny ice crystals are quite inconspicuous when we look at them with the naked eye. But if we macro-shoot them, the designs and the sparkles become clearly manifest. Not an easy thing to do, but with patience, anything is possible, so goes the cliche. 

Ok, these are not my best macro shots of ice crystals. I captured better ones before, which you can see here: Ice Crystals Popped Up Again and Ice Crystals In Macro. But these are good enough to chronicle this year's early frost. 

So...once again, that day brought another wondrous gift that delighted my soul. Another marvel of creation. Another one of the many miracles that are happening everyday. A testimony to our Creator's wisdom and power.

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