Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Something Homely

Obviously, my life equates with the seasons and the marvels of creation that I personally behold, for these are the things I often write about. 

But then, I also have a tender spot for things homely. I like to do things at home - the common household chores. Sometimes, or most of the time, I multi-task, trying to juggle between these chores and indoor hobbies, such as handcrafting.

Although I cook at times (only simple, easy-to-cook foods) or prepare ready-made foods, I'm not the main "chef". I delegated that job to the professional, my hubby. And he deserves the title "professional chef". I am the assistant.

I love to bake cakes and cookies, though I don't bake so often and I'm not really adept in that.

Here are apple breads that hubby and I baked together,

....and a tuna-bacon pizza.

At times, when my taste bud craves Filipino foods, I cook for myself, but only the easy ones.

Sharon fruit is one of my favorite fruits

I love the wild outdoor, but I also love to stay at home, the "tame" indoor, doing several projects, most of which remain unfinished. I like to decorate but I also give way to hubby's masculine taste, which I approve of. We both love to put plants on our window sills and take care of them.

This orchid is actually for our dining table but I took it here for the photo-shoot. It bloomed again after two years since the last time.

Green leaves and flowers on windows give color to a snowy scenery. See the walls of snow surrounding our unit in winter? That's the view from our dining room window.

I was delighted to purchase a new sofa and a center table last December when it was time to replace our old sofa that got worn out after exactly five years of use. (We haven't set the carpet yet when I took this photo.)

My activity corner became cozier when I bought this swivel chair some days after the sofa.

Here's a candle set on our center table

I folded wall papers to decorate a section of our living room wall.

Polymer clay flowers that I attempted to make in my spare time

I also crochet and knit, especially in winter when we need warmers. I crocheted this blue neck warmer for me, and when my friend saw it, she asked me to make a pink one for her.


I'm bedazzled by sparkling chandeliers, but these are not ours. We don't have any at home. I just took these from an acquiantance's home and a store.

These are just some of my homely joys that I can share to my readers at this time.  A little glimpse of myself outside the sphere of natural and astrophysical worlds. Not much and may be uninteresting to some, but they are still parts of my wholesome starry universe.

An orchid for you!

Have a wonderful week!

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