Thursday, October 8, 2015

First Visible Northern Auroras This Season

August skies have been packed with intensely vibrant northern lights, but in a place like ours where summer night skies are bright, they were not visible.

In September, the nights started to be dark again, and hence, the sky sparks with the ever beautiful green lights that dance all over the sky.

I had my first sighting on Sept. 7. Not so vibrant nor sweeping, but still capable of kindling a fire of amazement.

Next is Sept. 9. It started with a faint glow of band that stretched across the sky from northeast to southwest. My camera is incapable of capturing the entire strip, so I took fragments.

As the night deepened, the lights intensified in full vibrance and ruffled in circular motion around the sky. It turned out to be a long term aurora.

The third is on Sept 21, just a slight display and a short one. There was something in the air that night that caused these bokeh effects.

Some years ago, a dear reader of my blog commented that in the future, the northern lights would become a common thing to me. True, they've become common in the sense that they always frequent the night skies and I've been seeing a lot of them. But these are the common things that always spark up a sense of novelty every time I watch them. My fascination and wonderment are always there, never flickering. In short, I never get tired watching them at all. They're like food for the soul.

"The north! the north! from out the north
What founts of light are breaking forth,
And streaming up these evening skies,
A glorious wonder to our eyes!"
(from The Aurora Borealis by Hannah Flagg Gould)

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