Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ready, Set, Snow!

I'm the last in the race, I know, but it's still an amazing race and worth-recording.

Long before the onset of winter, it was predicted that it would be a warm winter. I tended to agree, especially when the middle of October arrived and there was no sign of snow at all. In all my six winters since I came here, snowfall always came in mid-October, but not this time.

Apprehension began to rise within me. I dreaded the thought of snowless winter. The reason I love this season is the presence of snow, without it I might be ranked among the winter haters. Or probably not because there are many other features of winter in this polar region that I delight in. But snow is still the best element of winter for me.

Finally, lots of snow came by the middle of November, just a day or two, enough to blanket the ground with the thickness that satisfied me and to coat the trees with fluffy whiteness.

After that, temperature rose again and slowly melted the snow. It's been dark, showery, snowless and slushy thereafter.

And then came another heavy snowfall after we moved to our new apartment. That heaped a thick layer of snow over the frosty ground that stayed for days or weeks.

views from our new apartment unit

Finally, the temperature held below zero, and the snow stayed put, up to this day.

Once again, this lowly "snow queen" is having her fill of the pleasures that winter brings, enjoying another season in a snowy wonderland. As always, her heart bursts with joy and gratitude for this season's gifts.

Have a wonderful week ahead!

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