Saturday, June 18, 2016

Neglect, Neglect.....

Wooohh!!! Two months without posts! I feel bad for neglecting my cyberhome in TWO months. No excuses. Just having my focus diverted to other things.

This means missing pages in a book. I think of a year as a book, each month, each season, each event a chapter or a page. It's a book that runs parallel with my life. I know the book and my life are always there even without this blog. But still, I feel the need to put it all down in writing as a reminder when the days of mental dimness would take over.

So, I have to fill in the empty pages with a few selected pictures of spring that will tell the story in a nutshell.

The first things that caught my eyes when the trees and bushes were still bare were these colorful moss under the pine trees beside our apartment. All the others followed.

yellow crocuses

The spring skies with variety of  beautiful cloud formations never failed to magnetize my eyes.

skywatch, clouds

The sun halo is a common sight in the daytime which would last for hours, sometimes all day long.

This is the sundog I watched one afternoon from our balcony.

Every sunset was always spellbinding. I never get tired watching every evening from our balcony.

The blueberries have bloomed!

Sunlight through our kitchen window

Adornment for our dining room

The night sky has become brighter.

Another spring is gone but I'm not finished with this chapter yet.  Another batch of pictures is on the way. I just hope I won't procrastinate longer.

I'm so happy to be back!

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