Sunday, November 6, 2016

The First Snowfall : White Fall Wonderland

Fall is still loping but winter is trying to overtake. And I, trying hard to keep pace with the seasons, always end up falling behind. That is, in terms of chronicling the flow of the seasons vis-a-vis  my life. I simply can't catch up, but that doesn't mean I have to quit. I still love my cyber home and to put into it fresh  stuffs about my life and everything that touches it . Now and then.

Oh, yes, I keep reminding myself that I still have a good deal of summer and autumn memories that need to be stored here. And I'll surely pile them all up even if they are long delayed. But as has been my adapted habit, I'll tell the stories mostly through the pictures I captured.

Although winter solstice will officially be here on December 21,  a lot of snow has already blanketed our city in these remaining days of fall. In fact, at this very moment, clusters of snowflakes are falling densely. It all started last Tuesday, November 1, and kept going on right to this day.

So, I'm going to store a few of my captures of this what I call white autumn wonderland.

These heather flowers in our balcony definitely make a color splash against the outdoor whiteness.

A balcony view of our neighbor apartments

Our neighborhood street

Fall leaves are still firmly clinging to the trees even while the snow is falling heavily.

I just loved looking at and treading on this amalgam of "fall and winter"!

Beside my work place

Train station entrance

At the train station where I work

The hospital-bus stop area 

May this November bring a bounty of lovely things for me and for you, my dear readers! Just hang in there like the fall leaves sticking to the trees!

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