Sunday, December 11, 2016

New Tent - An Amusing Return-policy / Warranty Story

Last September, hubby and I had to purchase a new tent, a four-season mountain tent, that we were going to use on our hiking expedition later that month. The original price was beyond our budget, but then, right when we urgently needed it, the tent was put up on sale, which was within our budget. Hubby bought it without hesitation.

A few days later, we set about hiking in a nearby nature reserve, called Kont,  to test our new tent. Of course, this was not just a try-out trip but also an opportunity to connect with the outdoor and indulge ourselves in the richness of the well-protected forests. Every now and then, we stopped in our tracks to take a look at some plant species, especially fungi.

When we emerged from the woods, the land narrowed, jutting out to the sea. The area is equipped with picnic tables, a shade, a grill with long benches around it, and a stack of firewood.  Here we pitched our tent to see how it looked like, and we were satisfied with its quality and  functionality. We took a few pictures before dismantling it.

I explored the area and kept my camera clicking here and there. Characteristically me! Here are just a few of my voluminous shots.

We also grilled sausages and bread for our snacks with coffee. The fire and the coffee kept us warm in this cold day by the sea.

Days later, we set out on our well-planned trip to the wilderness, which I'm going to write in another post.

Now, here's the interesting part. About a week after we came back home, the store from which we purchased the tent advertised a new sale price on the same tent, this time almost half the price we bought it for. Hubby got in touch with the store, saying that we bought that same tent a couple of weeks ago with a higher price, and then, they put it up on sale again in a strikingly low price. Sounded unfair. But the response caught us completely by surprise! We were told that those who purchased within a month are still subject to that warranty or open purchase policy, and that we would just show the receipt to have the discounted amount refunded. Just like that, not a whit of hassle! Unbelievable, especially after we have already used it! I'm taking my hat off to such generosity.

I've always been amazed by the Swedish return policy since I immigrated here. I wrote my earliest experiences in this post: The Swedish Return Policy. Check it out, very intriguing!

Will there be more surprises coming my way? I keep myself on the lookout.

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