Friday, January 6, 2017

Year 2016's Finale

Another year has slipped by. A year packed with exciting events and new adventures. I managed to record some of those events, though I skipped others that I wished I had the time to write. But there are still some major events that are left unwritten, which I will definitely write sooner or later. Those memories are too precious to be left to oblivion. Although the desire to write them all in one sweep is nudging my heart with ever increasing impatience, I have to exercise restraint so as not to perturb the symmetry of life's main concerns.

For now, I'm going to photo-journal the concluding days of the year with reference to the natural world with which my life is entwined. I'm extracting from my voluminous folders the highlights of the last month.

December didn't give us much snow this time. We had just enough to coat the ground steadily. Needless to say, I've been missing the world of superabundant snow that I've come to love! Most days were ashen, the sky overcast, some days showery, which melted the snow that turned to ice when the temperature dropped. There had been glassy roads and pavements that made it difficult to drive or walk. Good, I had made up my mind not to slip anymore, and so I didn't! So far.☺☺☺

cloudy and clear nights as seen from our balcony

December sky was also the hangout of the flapping green lady. The numerous aurora hunters here missed the major auroral storms on account of the thick clouds that hovered above us. However, we were favored with some clear night skies when lady aurora flashed and fluttered across the sky.

Dec. 9

Dec. 23

The winter solstice fell on December 21. The sky was cloudy but it cleared a bit in the night as the wind blew wildly, revealing the gleaming northern lights. And so, patches of clouds raced against each other against the emerald sky.

Those days, the sun rose at around 9:00 a.m. and sank down between 2 and 3 p.m.

sunrises by the city river close to my workplace


Early afternoons looked like these:

My moon captures:

moonset at around 9:00 a.m.

moon at midday and a bird watching it

"lunar  alignment" with the street lamps

The waxwings are here to stay this winter too. I always see them perched on the birch tree tops, basking in the cool sunshine and bathing in the snow. After a while, they'd lift off as one huge flock, circling the area before moving on to another tree.

Some daytime shots from my workplace:

As the month almost came to its end, blustery winds came along, swirling, pushing me back as I walked, lifting off the snow and creating a whirl of crystalline dusts.

And then the month ended. 2016 was wrapped up with these delicate organza layers of the dazzling aurora.

Year 2017 arrived with these warm colors that progressed into a beautiful crisp day.

"Look! These are just the fringes of his ways;
Only a faint whisper has been heard of him!
So who can understand his mighty thunder?"
- Job 26:14