Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Amid the Falling Snow - Enya

Spring is just around the bend but I'm still singing about winter.

My "song" is silent and the lyrics are my photographs.

The "song" is about the soothing feeling that washes over me as I watch the falling snow, and the fascination that it always evokes in me which I have never outgrown.

I look through our windows with a childlike delight.

I love to watch the snow falling in swirls, in slants, in blizzards and how they gently land and stick on our window panes.

After each snowfall, I would step out to our balcony and look over the scenery that is awash with fresh snow.

I love to feast my eyes on the different hues of mornings when the sun paints the sky and distant trees with pastel colors....

....and the colorful evenings that are illuminated by the sparkling snow.

And now, here's a real song, lyrics included, that is not mine, which I love to listen to. It's soothing and soulful, stirring up my kinship with the snow.

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