Friday, December 24, 2010

-23 Degrees Celsius

It had been snowing for the most part of November, and mounds  of snow have been piled up everywhere. We have around one meter high snow now. And it's still snowing.

However, there were those days in early December when the sun appeared and the sky was clear. Two of those days registered a temperature of -21 to -23 degrees Celsius.  Too cold to go out, but the glorious sight of the trees lured me out. I put on layers of clothes and set out for a little photo expedition. Just around our neighborhood. 

After spending about 30 minutes out there and drinking in all the white splendor, my feet felt frozen. I went home for a break and waited until the stinging pain subsided. Although I've taken about a hundred photos, I still felt that I hadn't gotten enough. And so I went back to look for more spots and things to shoot.

So far, I was happy with my expedition. The bare trees coated with thick frosts were the ones that beckoned me to go out. I had been wishing to see and photograph white trees against the blue sky. Last winter, I wasn't fortunate enough to have a glimpse of such thickly frosted trees, but this year favored me by granting my wish, which made my heart dance even while my feet were frozen stiff. Again, I felt the great love of our Creator for blessing this earth with such facet of loveliness that sings in the hearts of those who appreciate these little things.

Words are not enough for me to describe the beauty of all the little things that the winter outdoor held out to me this particular day. So I just let my pictures speak for themselves.