Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Since we moved to this country, there have been many friends who have shown us extraordinary kindness. Their warm welcome, their wholehearted support, their limitless assistance and their friendship made me feel at home. They have always been around for us - from the moment we arrived at the airport down to this very day, and have proved to be reliable friends and companions. Their kindness makes my heart swell with overwhelming gratitude and moves me to make something to let them know of my appreciation and my thankfulness for what they have done. 

One such caring person is an old friend of my husband, who has joyfully helped us in so many ways. For all that he has done for us, I was inspired to make these gifts for him.

A Thank You card

And a bouquet of paper tulips that I myself made. 
A year ago, I crafted such flowers for our decor, and when he came to our home, he looked at them with admiration and expressed his appreciation. So I figured a similar bouquet might make a good gift for him.

Truly, it feels wonderful to express our appreciation and gratitude to those who have done us something good.  And it's a noble thing to let them know that they are appreciated, for it may make a world of difference to them.

This 3-minute video, Appreciation , shows us the value of expressing gratitude and appreciation. Watching it warmed my heart, and so I recommend that everyone view it too.