Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Season's Updates

We’re still in the thick of winter and mounds of snows keep expanding as snowplows clear the snows from the roads and sidewalks and pile them up over the snow mounds along the roadsides or parks. And yes, it still snows sometimes.

There were days recently when the atmosphere seemed like spring.  The towering pine and spruce trees shook off their loads of snows and their needles came out fresh and light green. The air was saturated with the sweet breath of spring.

The sun climbs higher in the sky now and daylight is longer. It keeps getting longer each day until summertime. 

 Most days, the sky displays an array of beautifully formed clouds with brilliant colors. 

Some days the sun shines warmly and the sky is clear blue.  

Other days are misty and the trees are either bare or coated thickly with hoar frosts.

These are days perfect for skiing. Many go to some ski trails, ski resorts on a hill or to  "fjällen" (the mountains between Sweden and Norway) and have some fun skiing or learning to ski.

Indeed, this season is filled with surprisingly beautiful things, from the ground to the sky, morning, noon and night. 

I always find myself struck with awe as something new in the atmosphere catches my eyes. There’s always something out there that makes a difference, something delightful to see, some kind of small blessings.



The winter birds too keep flying mirthfully from one tree to another, singing and luxuriating in the splendor of the season. 

Like them, I’m enjoying the season while it lasts, and my heart joins them in singing the glory of winter beauty and praising the Creator who, out of his love for us,  graced our home planet with such wondrous things in order for us enjoy living.