Saturday, August 27, 2011


One morning as I was sipping my coffee, some flutterings in our back patio drew my eyes. When I looked carefully through the backdoor pane, I noticed a butterfly flitting among the slender twigs of our potted mint bush. It darted from one flower to another, sipping their sweet nectar. (I wonder if the nectar has minty taste too.) I ran for my camera and took several shots. Minutes later, some more winged creatures joined in, so that there were exactly two butterflies and two bees making up the party. Watching them flutter around exhilarated me even as I kept shooting their frolics.

A bee nearby is also busy combing the flowers for nectar.

Now he is coming to join in the feast.

Now they're flocking together in such proximity. The other bee is somewhere in one of the flowers.

This gathering of the four little creatures is like a feast in my point of view. They too have a share of this bounty in this beautiful sunshiny summer day. It's their turn to partake of the saccharine provision of this lowly mint bush. 

We have had our fill of drinks from this same plant before it blossomed profusely. At the time we purchased it, the plant was just a mere three- or four-twigged young bush grown in a small plastic pot, though the leaves were already so lush. From that, we nipped off some leaves and boiled them to make a sweetened minty beverage which we enjoyed drinking at night while watching TV.  Now, it has grown tall and blossomed  copiously. The minty scent and flavor also diminished at this stage, but the nectar from the flowers obviously gave these winged creatures some zest.  

Ahhh....just some of the little blessings of everyday that add more beauty and pleasure to life!