Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Idylls

Midsummer has long gone (June 26), but summer is still definitely here, though it's flying away so swiftly. Before it completely fades out, I must pause for a while and take a few moments to extoll some of its glory that is yet "unsung". So let me sing about this summer in lyrics without music, and in photographs.

Summer is not summer without the brilliant sun spreading out its warmth and radiance all over.

The tiny ripples dancing on the surface of the waters catch the sunlight and glitter like stars.

The sky is mostly clear blue with shades that range from light to deep.

Whenever there are clouds, their varied forms make for a picturesque skyscape that is worth photographing.

The sparklingly clear waters of the rivers, waterfalls and rapids keep rolling and splashing blithely in their meandering course  toward the sea or lakes.

The spacious sun-drenched beaches with soft white sand teem with people who either pray to the sun for a tanned complexion or have a refreshing dip in the beach's cool waters.

The air is saturated with the sweet fragrance of flowers, which tickles one's senses as he walks by.

Lovely flowers in a wealth of colors thrive everywhere - the parks, gardens of private houses, windows, individual units' patios, apartment buildings' entrances, open fields, etc. 

The berries are out to exude their shiny, colorful, mouth-watering fruits.

A profusion of multi-colored blossoms embellishes the city esplanades, cheering up the heavy-hearted strollers and adding more sunshine to the light-hearted ones.

The birds are having their fill of foods from this summer's bounty.

They float and glide across the cool ponds while basking  in the warmth of the sun.

The countryside scintillates with the glinting waters of the lakes that lie therein and the lush vegetation that surrounds them.

The roadsides are lined with lively sprays of colorful wildflowers that keep on waving to travelers who pass by them and wishing them a wonderful trip.

The nights are bright, affording everyone longer hours to carry on their yearning for outdoor activities. (Recently, though, darkness has been gradually claiming back the night.)

The fishers frequent the lakes, rivers and seashores to feed their passion for fishing and at the same time, savor the moments of silence and the embrace of the natural beauty that surrounds them.

Patios are often occupied by their owners who love to grill and eat their meals outdoor.

Thickly blooming bushes adorn almost every corner of the city, villages and countryside.

Animals and insects also indulge in the delectation of summer treats.

The trees and other vegetation are aglow with  luxuriant verdure that nourishes the weary soul.

These are just some of the endless blessings that summer brings. Should I recount them all, this blog will go on for miles. Here's one short poem I found that describes summer in a nutshell:

Laughter of Lilacs
Rainbows of roses
Songs of the robins
Lily of the valley borders
Sunshine to warm the heart
Oh what joy this season does impart!
by Anne Morrow Lindberg

Let us wallow in the pleasantness of summer while it lasts!