Friday, September 30, 2011

Autumn Preview

This year's autumn was greeted by rains and winds. And sure, the days are cold and dark. Recently, it's been raining almost everyday, and I was afraid that the first leaves that had turned yellow would be shaken off by the wind, leaving the trees half-clad with the remaining leaves that were yet to transform to their golden glory. That would mean that there would be no thick forests of red and gold to feast my eyes on and to photograph. Would my second autumn turn out to be a disappointment?

On the other hand, the rains made the grass more verdant, which became a perfect mattress for the fallen leaves.

The cone flowers along the pond lingered to bask in the autumnal sunshine that briefly interrupted the rains.

The blueberry leaves and other bushes exuded a vibrant red color.

This birch was the first tree in the city (where I roamed about) that I found to have turned yellow almost all over.

The others in this queue were still green.

So far, the onset of autumn still offered pretty little things that one can truly take pleasure from.

And sometimes, our worst expectations may turn out to be an unexpected bliss. There may appear wonderful things just around the bend.