Sunday, September 11, 2011

Vacuuming the Forests


Days are here again to frequent the forests in search of mushrooms, blueberries and lingon berries. Finding a car parked on the roadside where houses are nowhere in sight is not unusual. The cars are actually parked between the road and the forests or at the mouth of or alongside a path toward the woods. One can understand that the occupants of these cars are out there somewhere picking berries or mushrooms.

My hubby and I usually go there evenings after a day's work. Sometimes both of us pick mushrooms, but only the best among the several edible ones. Other times, he picks mushrooms and I pick berries.

Last year, I concentrated on picking blueberries, since it was my first time to see them. And so I had my fill of picking these berries.

This year looks like a lingon berry year for me, as I see more of these berries now than last year. So this time, I'm into picking more lingon. As I picked them for the first time, I realized that the berries grow by clusters and are easier to pluck than the blueberries. 

And they're so catchy with their deep red color!

Just another one of the simple pleasures of everyday that I want to store in my "cyber treasure chest".