Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stormy Days and Spring Air

As I stepped out of a house almost two weeks ago, a refreshing breeze rushed to meet me, telling me a message of spring. And yes, the air had the refreshing smell and feel of spring.  The sun was out and the sky was a translucent blue. Was spring knocking on the door? That would be strangely early.

A few days later, gloom came back, portending a storm.  The initial roaming gentle wind slowly turned to a furious blast, whipping the bare twigs of the trees, shaking off the snow that coated the evergreens and blowing away a layer of the snow from the roofs. As the blizzard escalated, the wind whooshed and swirled, dragging along the snow clusters and breaking them up before they settled on the ground.

For about three days in the weekend, the storm went on, preventing everyone from going out. But I went out nonetheless to attend a very important meeting. Walking through the storm, I felt firsthand the fury of such blizzard. The bluster kept pushing me back and spraying bits of snow all over my face that was tucked in the furry hood of my jacket. Its unrelenting fury almost knocked me down.

Through all these, however, I didn't feel upset at all, but paradoxically glad for having such a novel experience. It was a kind of adventure.  I felt in my heart the rebirth of courage and determination to fight my way out of an extremely  difficult situation, much like how it was over two years ago in the Philippines when climatic and economic storms afflicted us. And I always came out victorious. Those stormy years are over, but they have made me strong and prepared me to face the worst storms that may come in the future.

When this snow storm subsided, the sun shone brightly again, the sky blue and cloudless. The ground was elevated with a fresh layer of snow in soft dune-like formations. The snowflake sparkled merrily, revealing the colors of light that they have captured. The air was saturated with the refreshing breath of spring.

Yes, the storm was gone, but over the days, the weather alternated between snowfall and warm sunshine. That was fine because it broke the climatic humdrum.

Temperature is gradually getting warmer. Soon, spring is here!

Hope keeps springing in the heart and burning brightly there!