Sunday, April 29, 2012


I haven't posted for quite a time though I have so many thoughts and experiences that I should be posting. Instead of writing, I always find myself reading others' blogs. In this sense, I do procrastinate.

On the other hand, I'm preoccupied with the more important things, things that can contribute to the betterment of humanity. I engage myself in such noble missions as educating mankind in godly way through the greatest book ever written, thus encouraging, inspiring and giving hope to the people. For me, it's the most joyous and rewarding work. It's life-saving.

Aside from that, I also have my secular jobs to keep, household chores and my handcrafting, which I often neglect. First things first.

Whatever spare time I have, I use it to supposedly write blogs but as I've stated above, I always end up reading/viewing others' blogs, which I enjoy anyway. So.... am I procrastinating?

Recently, I've been writing mostly about seasons and weathers, especially winter and spring. It's not that I have no other ideas to write, far from that. It's just that my fascination of the four seasons hasn't worn out yet, and I still look at them with the eyes of a first-timer. Each time the seasons come, there are always new facets of their beauty that come to the surface, which were not there previously. There are always new things to learn and worth-viewing.

These days, there's nothing to do but wait for the spring flowers to flourish. There had been crocuses but which have been blanketed and pressed down by the successive heavy snowfalls and snowstorms that masked the sunny and happy face of spring. The remaining heaps of snow are melting quickly under the warm sun. The roadway tractors that gather and suck the tiny gravels sprinkled all over to prevent the roads and pathways from becoming slippery during winter have partially vacuumed the gravels.

While many today have been singing of this year's spring through their lovely narratives and pictures, I have not much to sing yet except the visage of this season that we have here presently. No sighing nor complaining. Even in the thick gloom and snowy/rainy spring, there's still bliss. I can spot little things that can delight me, like these pictures.

Most bright colors I see are from the flowers and aquariums in the groceries which I took a moment to photograph with my Nikon compact camera which I carry with me every time I go out.

While waiting for the glory of the natural world, we're making plans for our travel activities from spring through autumn. I want to see more places and expand my little odyssean universe. And before embarking on these series of  travels, there's one more journey that I had in March that I should have posted right after that trip, but I procrastinated.

Anyway, I think that many of us have a fleck of this trait running in our bloodstream. And it's hard to get rid of it completely. But this time, as I'm writing this, I'm surprised that I chased procrastination away.

Today has been a beautiful day. A day filled with warm sunshine and balmy spring air. 

Another day to enjoy the gift of life and be grateful to the Giver of such life and all the marvelous things that we so enjoy.