Tuesday, May 1, 2012

So Quiet

It's International Worker's Day or May Day. A holiday. I woke up late, but the deep silence told me that others were still sleeping. All cars were in their garage/parking places. 

The sun was out, the sky clear blue. The air was warm but a gentle cool breeze wafted around. 

The day wore on, yet the silence remained impenetrable. Not a soul stirred outside except one or two magpie birds hunting for food. Everyone seemed to be home, since it's not time for outdoor activities yet. It's still too cold to go on a picnic. No strolling either, as the parks are still bare and "colorless".

I'm home the whole day too. I've been multi-tasking since morning: searching the Scriptures, handcrafting, reading, and now, blogging this. 

While I was engrossed in these activities, my hubby called me and showed some funny pictures that he found in the internet.  And then I heard a crackle of laughter that broke the silence. It was my own laughter. Well, it was good to have a good laugh especially when the queer silence seemed disturbing. I imported the images to my laptop so I could upload and share them.






Now, it's still quiet. The gentle breeze has intensified, swaying the budding twigs of the towering birch trees. It's the fresh cool winds of spring. Gray clouds are gathering, though the sun is still high and keeps radiating its light through the clouds. The night is setting in, but the sunlight will keep illuminating until 11:00 p.m.

So far, despite the pervading stillness, the day is still beautiful.