Saturday, May 26, 2012


With the breath of spring came the awakening of nature's lovely little things,
which happened in this corner of the planet three weeks ago. 

It all started with a few days of rain, melting down the remnants of snow.

Afterwards the days came with sunshine and clear blue skies
which were sometimes adorned with exquisite cloud formations.  

The birds basked in the warmth of the sun
while drinking in the sweetness of the passing zephyr.

The budding leaves unfolded into intricate designs of unique beauty.

The birds came back from their long vacation in the warmer south and began to roam around
the fields and sing their songs of spring.

The first colors of the season popped out everywhere.

The leafless birch trees thickened with tiny flowers and budding leaves.

The grass carpets lengthened and matured into deeper green,
while little flowers blanketed sections of flower beds and gardens.

The firsts of spring have awakened into liveliness and enchanting colors that would in turn bring to life hearts and spirits that had been sleeping.

May the message of spring inspire all human beings and instill in them an awareness of the presence of a loving Almighty Creator  who put such awesome wonder and bounty on earth in order for us to find joy in living.

“How many your works are, O Jehovah! 
All of them in wisdom you have made. 
The earth is full of your productions.”
- Psalm 104:24