Sunday, September 2, 2012

It's Fall Again!

There's no denying it, summer is over, and any attempt to stretch it a little longer becomes futile. The season is too short to allow for all the summer activities that we have planned to accomplish. But the year must go on, and we must let go of each season that comes. Anyway, there's always another year, another summer. So I say, Goodbye, summer!

And welcome autumn!

This season opened with days tinged with the golden glow of sunshine. 

Then days of cloudy skies and rains followed.

Nights became darker, though the sky still glows at 9 p.m.  Days are colder, rainy and cloudy.

Some trees had their foliage turned yellow. Ornamental berries (edible too) and  cherries in the gardens and along the streets have ripened fully. Berry-laden rowan trees beautify every corner of the city.

The blades of grass became greener after drinking the rain, while tiny flowers are popping out from amongst them.

Flowers beds are still blooming with early fall flowers. Our very own small flower bed still keeps its summer flowers.


The grass flowers and seed pods are withering.



I know that these prevailing colors will swiftly fade away as the season sweeps to its completion. And yet, I still have to watch out for the glory of the season when all the leaves exude their splendor before finally retiring to the ground.

And I still have much summer memories to store here, so much that I've decided to put my narratives in a nutshell and just let my photo albums tell the story.

Have a great Sunday!