Sunday, September 16, 2012

Just Recently


That's how I put in a nutshell the onset of autumn. One day, the sun is shining bright and the sky clear blue. The following day, the sky is overcast with gray clouds. Another day looks like stormy, with the wind whipping everything along its way. And the following day turns fine again. Some days would start out gloomy, then the clouds would clear away in the afternoon, revealing the cerulean blue of the firmament. Other days, the situation is reversed.

Last Wednesday, as I was on my way to a "mission", I saw a marvel in the sky: a gigantic halo of rainbow encircling the subdued brilliance of the sun, commonly called circumhorizontal arc. I often observe such phenomenon here, but this time, I got a real vivid view of it. And so I took several photos.  (By the way, the camera is my constant companion. I never go out without it. I know there's always something nice and interesting to capture everyday.)

That happened in the morning, which I kept on tracking until the halo melted out.

In the afternoon when I came home, spectacular sky shows shifted continually until the sun descended. I was particularly ecstatic at seeing rainbow clouds, which I captured in many angles.

Early morning on Thursday, as I prepared to go to work, the bushes outside our kitchen window caught my eyes. The little elongated leaves sparkled as the sun directly struck at them.

Peering closer, I could see that each little leaf was coated with tiny droplets. The leaves looked scintillating!

The flowers, grass and cobwebs were also beaded with glittering dewdrops.

On Friday, gloom and rain greeted me as I pulled up the window blinds. The tree tops were swaying wildly as the raging wind slashed at them. Sure, no way to go out that day, so I just stayed home and did a lot of things that must be done.

Saturday was fine. We attended a whole-day Special Assembly with the theme, Safeguard Your Conscience. A highly refreshing and rejuvenating day.

Today is quite a beautiful Sunday. After doing the more important things, we went to the forests in the mid-afternoon, picking mushrooms and berries. The vibrant autumn foliage that dominated the forests and landscapes enraptured me. Of course, I took several snapshots of fall scenery, but I'll be posting them in another blog.

Tomorrow and thereafter remain to be seen. 

And so I'm closing this update with these rich fall colors that I hope to buoy up anyone who reads this, no matter the season, whether favorable or unfavorable.