Friday, October 5, 2012

A Lovely Town By The Lake

Upon arriving in Varberg, we headed to Trelovsläges Camping, where we had camped before going down to Denmark. This time, we set up our tent instead of hiring a little cabin. Our friend, Raquel, from Dubai, was with us too, and she brought her own little tent which she used for the first time. It was a cold and windy evening, but I slept sweetly anyway.

The following day, we again drove around the town, but specially for our friend this time, who also loves to visit new places and take tons of pictures. I also took more pictures of the same places in other perspectives.  And yes, I still relished seeing the same scenes for the second time and was still awed by the treasures that this little place possesses.

In the afternoon, we headed to the northeast, with Vadstena as our next target destination. En route, we  had stop-overs in some small cute towns, just to look around a little and capture scenic memories of the places.

When we reached the southern tip of Vättern, Sweden's second largest lake, awe and wonder gripped us again while driving along the eastern coast of the lake. The road gradually led us to higher altitude where we could see breath-taking views of the lake and the towns that  studded the lake's verdant coastline.

Then it veered from the shore to the fields of green and wildflowers. We also passed by a fantastic canola field.

Our arrival in Vadstena was graced by colorful meadows on both sides of the road, a hint of something wonderful awaiting for us in this place.

We kept driving through dazzling landscapes until we got to the camping site along the lake where we had planned to spend one night. We hired a little cottage just a few steps close to the small beach section of the lake.

That night, we wandered along the shore, absorbing all the beauty all around us, the serenity, the silence, the  glowing sky as the sun gradually sank to the water, the cool fresh air. And of course, our cameras too went clicking the whole time, trying to preserve everything that rendered beauty to this summer evening.  Then we retired to our cozy cabin, relishing all the gifts that our Creator had provided for that day.

Morning came with a promise of a sunshiny day. After checking out of the camping site, we set off for town to explore whatever corner we could find. Though small, the town has much exquisite "treasures" to enchant its visitors.

We visited the grandiose Vadstena Castle (Swedish: Vadstena slott), which is a former Royal Castle in Vadstena.

More information about this castle can be found here:   Vadstena Castle

We also toured the interior of the castle and looked at the artifacts that it shelters. Here are the things that particularly caught my eyes:  The Castle's Interior

As we ambled through the town, I gathered many of its treasures which I stored HERE as my personal mementos.

Once more, this brief stop-over supplied me with a new set of memories which will keep glowing in my mind for a long, long time.

Next will be the final episode of this major summer journey. Another wish that was granted.