Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Time to Look Down

Now that almost all the leaves have fallen, there's not a color left to see above except the evergreens standing side by side with the bare trees, and the profuse clusters of rowan berries which haven't been visited by the voracious waxwings yet, if ever they would still come. I think these are the last autumn colors that I have captured, and the rowan trees that are still laden with red berries.

So now, my head is often bent down, unless there are some interesting things that show up in the sky, and my eyes keep searching for something nice on the ground.

Of course, where the trees are, there's beauty underneath. What nature-lover or fall-lover isn't  charmed by the mass of fallen leaves carpeting the base of the trees? I, for one, am so enchanted by such sights that I couldn't help taking lots of pictures in many angles. I have an entire album of such pictures HERE.

A week ago, we had enjoyed some days of sunshine and blue sky even though the temperature fell below zero.  The lowest we have experienced so far in our city during this period is - 9 degrees celsius. That would mean snowy days or frosty nights and mornings, a pleasant treat for ice crystal, snowflake and glitter lovers, an exaltation for macro photographers. How my heart heaves with ecstasy as I look at the blades of grass and fallen leaves all coated with varicolored ice crystals that sparkle like diamonds!

Some days ago, though, temperature rose above zero,  and was accompanied by occasional rain showers that melted out the thin layer of snow and frosts. Still, the upshot of the rain and the thaw was amazing. Here are macro shots of a tiny mushroom with snow and after the snow melted.

Yesterday and today, the temperature dropped below zero again, -7 degrees C yesterday and -3 at this  moment, but the sun came out warm and radiant during these two days. It had snowed a bit in the night, and the ground was blanketed with fresh layer of snow. The sky was clear blue most of the day.

All is well in this piece of the earth. Pretty little things abound underneath our feet. One only needs to take the time to look down to find even just one little thing that can spark hope and joy within himself.