Sunday, November 11, 2012

Defeated (?)

Some months ago, I received a mail from someone whose name didn't  ring a bell to me at all. And yet, I had not an iota of doubt who  that person behind the name was. I know her so well, or I think knew is more appropriate since it's been quite a long time that our paths or thoughts didn't cross.  I only came to understand a fragment of her present life from the letter she sent me, which was actually a short short-story about a person's giving in to defeat. I was sure it's her own story told in the third person point of view.

In that letter, she mentioned that she had always been a fan of my writings, and asked if I could rate or review her story. I felt honored to learn that my humble literary pieces were appreciated by a journalist who graduated from the best university in the Philippines, and one with a brilliant imagination and skills in story-telling.

I planned to respond at once, but then, I held back, realizing that I still could not communicate with her. She hasn't come out of her black hole yet, which makes it impossible for me to exchange words with her in any medium. I wanted to tell her of something that needed to be polished in her story, after which I'd encourage her to send it to some publishers. But I could not get in touch with her. Not yet.

But what interests me most in the short story is the story itself - a piece of her life. She admitted defeat, gave up on her one love and retreated to helplessness. My heart went out to her.

Recently, I saw a glimpse of her new life through cyberspace. She has a baby with the man she loves! Boy, I was surprised! I began to wonder what happened to her defeat. I've missed that part of the story where she was reunited with him and thus brought to the world a sweet baby that could strengthen their bond.

So, was she defeated? I don't have any clue concerning their actual situation. But this I know, that one of her dreams has been fulfilled. She had always wanted to have a baby of her own, to take good care of it, shower it with the kind of love that she had yearned but never tasted at all, and mold it to become a delightful person. I have no idea how she has been doing in this respect too. But I hope that she's living up to her ideals and expectations. I'm sending out to her the "force" that would help her pull through. I'm afraid that's all I can do for her in the interim.

As always, I'm still here thinking of her the whole time, missing her, waiting for her comeback, longing for our reunion as the closest alien buddies, and talking about a thousand things that have happened all these three years of unfathomable distance and silence that  have kept us apart. Yes, we are still galaxies away from each other, and I keep hoping for her to strive to get out of her black hole and be in the true light again.

May the Almighty's protective hand guide her to the light and his active force escort her to the REAL LIFE...

I'm keeping my hopes alive.

And I keep waiting....