Thursday, February 21, 2013


...the sun came out peering from behind the snowy roof of the apartment building that's viewable from our dining room window.

This was the view that greeted me yesterday morning as I opened the Venetian blinds. Then a plane zipped by.

As I was taking my breakfast, the sun started to radiate over the roof. I could feel its warmth that filtered through the window panes, though outside, the bare twigs were slightly coated with ice crystals.

Shadows on the snow began to form and tiny ice crystals sparkled radiantly as the sunlight kissed them.

Through our back door, I captured this view. Our back porch table was also covered with snow.

I was on my way to work when an irresistible force pulled me toward the university campus. I got off the bus and headed toward the university's frozen pond. The soft contours of the snow and the long blue shadows dazzled me and sent me to shooting frenzy.

When I have had enough, I proceeded to my place of work, which was not so far from the university. I worked fast, but thoroughly, so that I would have more time to enjoy the sunny day, like walking here and there and taking lots of pictures. Most of the people I met along the way looked radiant too. I was glad to exchange words with some customers whom I happened to meet.

Once outside the building where I worked, I glanced up and saw several magpies perched on the birch trees. They too seemed to take pleasure in the warmth of the sun and the radiant moon.

All day long, the sun shone radiantly. And so was the moon at night.

My heart, too, shone radiantly inside of me, as it brimmed with appreciation for all the blessings of light and beauty.

And I went to sleep with thoughts of my life's "sunshine" whose radiance keeps enwrapping and inspiring  me as I move on with my life.