Friday, February 1, 2013

First of February

We had snowstorm class 1 these past two days, adding a thick layer of immaculately fresh snow to the ground.

This morning when I woke up, the semi-overcast sky was saturated with the tangerine glow of the sun. These are the views from our kitchen window.

Looks like a day full of promises.

On my way to work, the clouds had started to clear away. After my first two-hour job in the morning, I chose to take a long walk through the snow instead of going directly to the bus stop. I had no idea where that track in the middle of an open snowy field would lead me, but I folllowed it anyway. By then, the sky had turned clear blue and the sun shone intensely. I took my time to scan the vicinity and take in the serenity, while enjoying the feel of the amalgam of sunshine and the cold.

The path led to the frozen city river, and it stretches out toward the city center. I found out that many people love to stroll in this walkway along the river even in winter.

I took a few stops to take some pictures. I just loved to look at those pools of unfrozen sections of the river's surface in their torquoise hue!

Even the blue shades of the virgin snow were captivating!

The fine weather tempted me to go skiing but I still had one more job to get done.

In a way, the day was great, and I felt great just being out there in the snow!

Well, this is just a rambling, which means, in two words: Welcome, February!