Friday, February 21, 2014

First Sunshine in February

Reading an online news about our weather three days ago made me stop and think back. Yes, it was true, we had not seen the sun at all since the onset of February. Its bright face only rolled over an impenetrable mantle of snow clouds, under which was just plain gloom. A friend of mine even joked that she had forgotten how the sky looks like.

Yesterday, the snow fell profusely and continuously. After lunchtime, the clouds slowly thinned out in one section of the sky, revealing some patches of light blue amongst the almost transparent clouds. Then all of a sudden, the sun broke out in all its radiance! I fished in my pocket for my phone to capture it before it would hide again ( if I've never seen the sun at all). It's just kind of exciting to see it again after almost a month in hiding. And then the clouds rolled back in and gobbled it up while the snow kept falling. Its appearance was so fleeting that it almost seemed like exotic.

And we're back to a dark world that is paradoxically illuminated by the pervading whiteness of the snow. But amidst the gloom, pleasant things abound.

Well, actually, the days are brighter now, daylight is longer and the sun glides higher above the horizon, though sunlight is subdued by the thick clouds. 

Still, while winter shadows linger, I see beauty, serenity, contentment, joy.....everywhere. 

And of course, for the first time this month, the sun remembered to show up and lavish us with warm smiles even for a brief moment. This too is a gift from above.

Have a great weekend!

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