Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Be Kind To Everyone

Yes, that's the reason why we should be kind to all. We have no idea what kind of internal battle they are fighting, how much suffering they're going through. Some suffer openly, letting the world know of the inner ferocious monsters that they are wrestling with. Others suffer silently, not giving away a single clue of what's gnawing inside them, but perfectly managing to put on a quiet, well-composed demeanor.

Sometimes, we don't know what lurks behind their smiles, laughters, silence, composure, preoccupation;  behind their meanness, unfriendliness and other strange behaviors. Perhaps they're drowning emotionally but are trying to come to terms with their situation in ways that are deemed eccentric. So be kind.

(I must point out that the foregoing quotes are not my own words, though they perfectly express my own thoughts. I would like to give credit to those who eloquently expressed these inspiring quotes, but my sources failed to mention them.  Sorry.  But the background graphics are my own creations.)

Let's face it, all of us have our own battles to fight. But we can cope in the right way and win our battles. Here are some inspiring quotes from the Holy Scriptures that have helped many to cope. I used my own photographs as backgrounds. I'm sharing these as an act of  kindness extended to all my readers. 

To EVERYONE who is suffering and undergoing a lot of tribulations, YOU are not left without hope and backing. You, too, can conquer a world of trials and struggles!

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