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Next Leg of the Journey: North of Poland

(4th sequel to our summer journey)

At last, a land came into view as the ferry reached foreign waters. Hubby told me to go up the deck to see something awesome. I went up to find many already standing by the railings looking out to the distant island. Wow, what amazing white cliffs set in forests of greens! No wonder some had their cameras busy zooming in to shoot. This is the island of Rugen off the north coast of Germany. After the stretch of cliffs emerged an amazing vista of the city of Sassnitz in Rugen.

We docked in the port of Sassnitz at past 5:00 pm, then proceeded right away eastward to Poland's northern coastline. The patched road in this part of Germany struck me like a checker board, which made me smile. But what charmed me most were the tunnels of trees in many sections of the road, trees like chestnut, oak, maple, beech or a combination of them lining both sides of the road. Similar tunnels graced Poland's coastal roads, which were interspersed with vast agricultural fields.

We reached Poland late in the night. All the way along the coastline were small villages equipped with camping sites for tourists. We located the camping site that hubby found in the internet but unfortunately, the reception had been closed. So we looked for another, which turned out to be right in the heart of a village called Dziwnowek, along with many other camping sites and hostels. The name's Bialy Dom, a big, neat and a relaxing place. The only problem is that the receptionists can't understand English. Most campers came with their housecars while some slept in tents. Many of these were Germans.

the camping site we planned to stay

we checked in here instead

nearby camping site 

Before getting on with my account, I'll state the reasons why we chose Poland for this year's summer holiday considering its unpopularity. We could go instead to any of the more attractive travel destinations in Europe which is within our reach and budget.

First, hubby's roots are in Poland, and it's been aeons since he was there. I had been wishing to meet his remaining relatives there, so this was my chance, as they also wanted to meet me.  Second, hubby showed me the google images of the crowning beauties of the country which appealed to my unquenchable wanderlust. So, I thought these were good reasons to visit this country.

Back to the camping, we settled on hiring a little cottage instead of setting up our tent at this late hour. Anyway, the cottages were so, so cheap compared here. We had a snug and adorable cottage with a little bedroom and dining room equipped with a little ref and an electric kettle. The service center was just a few steps away, with great restrooms and bath. The kitchen/dining room was out of function that time, so we couldn't use it. But who cares about cooking when the foods at the restaurants are incredibly cheap and tasty as well?

our little cabin


dining room

service center

bath room

bath room, taken from the opposite end

one of the souvenir shops

a pub

amber jewelries

The main attractions in this place are the wide sandy beaches, though no one dared to swim at that time on account of the whooping waves that kept crashing through the shore. Some of us just stood there, watching, being awed by this unconquerable force of nature while others walked about or reclined on blankets laid over the sand.

The beaches here also yield ambers which the locals gather in the small hours of the morning. Amber has always been one of my favorite gems, so I was excited to go picking along with many others. I was so elated when I thought I'd picked several pieces, thinking, "wow, is it that easy?" When I showed them to hubby, he said those were not ambers. heart sank! It was not that easy at all. So I ended up buying amber jewelries from the souvenir shops along the street. But I collected tons of smooth pebbles of various textures and colors.

Lighthouses fringe the coastline, which also attract the tourists. Fortunately, we were able to visit one of them.

The weather during our three-day stay was sort of on-and-off, sudden rain, then sudden sunshine. Still, the beaches were frequented by visitors, even while the sand was blowing. Anyway, just being here was quite relaxing.

Before I forget, cherries were also abundant and super cheap. I've never eaten so much cherries in my whole life!

After three days of staying in this camping site, it was time to pack again. Then we proceeded on our journey southward.

I've read from some blogs that it's good to take a photo of our feet on the ground of the places we travel. So I took this.  

(to be continued)

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