Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sunshine and Heavy Rain

Something funny happened a while ago. At 30 degrees Celsius, the sun was scorchingly hot and the sky a clear blue. Hubby was sitting under our patio umbrella. I joined him for a few minutes, sighing over the withered grass that would have been green.  It hadn't rained for quite a time and most vegetation is drying up. As I came back into the house, I uttered sadly, "There's not a drop of water at all". Within a minute after I said those words, strands of rain suddenly started to fall until they multiplied to make a heavy downpour!  The sun kept shining intensely amidst the rain with only a patch of gray clouds hovering in a corner of the sky.

That pleased me enormously since it could at least relieve the ground of its aridity. Isn't rain a blessing?

Have a fantastic weekend!