Friday, October 24, 2014

Autumn in Full Blast

The full explosion of colors happened around the time I wrote my previous blog, Idylls of Early Autumn. Most of those days were gloomy, at times, showery. I wished for the sun to show up and the clouds to clear away so that all the blazing colors could stand out against the blue sky, at least, for those days when all the foliage reached  the summit of their glorious colors. But the sun just stubbornly went into hiding, or should I say, the thick clouds refused to let the sun out. But the overcast sky failed to dampen my intent to preserve all the colors with my camera. And so, with or without the sun, I just kept on shooting here and there, wherever my indefatigable legs took me.

No, I didn't go about shooting mainly for this sole purpose. I just took pictures in between my jobs. Good that most of my jobs are flexible, meaning that I can go there any day or any time I want. That's a kind of freedom that I so enjoy and gives me opportunities to pursue my heart's wholesome desires.

In autumn (just like in any other season), I can take the time to immerse myself in all the prevailing colors and savor the sensation that such color explosion generates in my being. And I go wild with terrific emotions as my eyes devoured the colorful scenes surrounding me.

The sun finally broke out in the afternoon of October 11. It went conquering the sky for some days afterward, then went on and off. At least, those sunny days gave me the chance to enjoy the sight of the sunlit foliage and capture the trees that retained their leaves.

What a pleasure to walk amidst the blast of colors! Even those who waited for the buses at some bus stops  had their waiting made enjoyable!

Those days of intense colors have flown by. But the season is far from over. There are yet lovely things left to be seen, which I'm going to showcase one of these days. 

Once again, this season, which is my fifth autumn, has favored me with wonderful things. The color explosion has made my heart explode with joy and sing silent songs of happiness and praise to the Creator of such beauty. And I'm grateful that He gave us sight to see colors and not just black and white such as some animals do.

Oh yes, life is full of colors. Even when the days are subdued by darkness, the colors are painted in our minds and remain within us. And if we nurture them, our whole being will be bright and the brightness radiates from the inside out.

P.S. All these pictures were taken within our city.

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