Friday, October 10, 2014

Idylls of Early Autumn

Autumn equinox this year was the 23th of September. It came to our place on a beautiful sunny day, with a temperature of 7 degrees Celsius, accompanied by wind and chill. 

The golden season has arrived once again to paint the trees with the happy colors of yellow, red and orange.

While the foliage in the city was only beginning to change colors, the trees in some nearby communities and villages had turned ablaze. That's how it was two Sundays ago when we went jaunting out of the city to immerse ourselves in the pastoral ambience of this season. No deeper reason but the sheer delight of being outdoor and getting a dose of refreshment.

The colorful sceneries that paraded before our eyes did good to our well-being. Of course, the outdoor is always such a good therapy and the serenity of the countryside works wonders to a weary soul.

And so, once again, I amassed pictures of the places that that I wanted to preserve as a memory of this short journey to the countryside in this year's autumn.

Back to the city, the transition had begun to manifest strikingly among the vegetation by the banks of the city river. 

Some days of the early fall were sunny. 

Sometimes, the sun would break out in the morning only to be masked by the swiftly racing thick fogs that would later put the whole city in total gloom. 

Most days were windy.

Recently is quite another story, which will be my next blog entry.  

Have a fantastic weekend!

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