Saturday, January 31, 2015

And Winter Marches On

How tragic that the first month of this year is slipping away and I haven't written a single blog yet. Today is my last chance to put something into this month. It's still something about winter, which I know non-winter lovers may find boring to read. But I just love this season and I want to spill out my passion for winter. 

When I wrote my previous blog, winter was in its fickly mode. There were days when snow fell heavily to turn everything white,  only to be melted away by the rains that came the following day. And when the temperature dropped below zero again, the remaining snow hardened to ice which made it really hard to walk and caused lots of road vehicle accidents. These are days when attaching ice grips in the soles of our boots is a must to avoid sliding and breaking our bones. I think this is the only facet of winter that I don't enjoy. But those days didn't last long as more snow piled up over the ice and temperature started to fall below zero again and stayed that way. So the snow is holding on, and winter wonderland is here to stay for the rest of the season. Hopefully.

I'm going to describe the events through my pictures, as usual, some of which are excerpts from my journal.

27 December 2014
A photo from yesterday. I was going to the ministry. Was it cold out there? At -10 degrees C, it was definitely cold. But proper winter clothes keep one warm. So I marched out, enjoying a walk in the snow, as always, delighting in the sunshine and blue sky, and enjoying the ministry with four of our diligent full-time ministers....

28 December 2014
It hasn't snowed for several days now but the stable below-zero temperature keeps the snow on the ground and trees intact even when the sun is out. This morning at -18 degrees C, the frosted trees became transparent against the radiant sun. An awe-inspiring, spirit-lifting beauty of creation! And that's one beauty of Norrland's winter. This is today's weather report from up north. In other words, I LOVE WINTER!

1 January 2015
Last Monday, I took a plunge into all the whiteness of the surroundings, and my heart swelled with bliss as I admired and captured the beauty that met my eyes. Now, the snow is thawing after two days of rain showers. Oh, the fickleness of winter blows me away! (sigh)

Yesterday morning's sky was comforting, though. The air remains a little above zero. But there's always beauty somewhere no matter the weather. Be happy!

11 January 2015
A photo from last week

I'm posting this today
While on my way to the ministry
Even if the day is stormy
It's still filled with beauty
As I walk life's best way.
Happy Sunday, everybody!

15 January 2015
Yesterday morning at -6 degrees C in my work place. Cold but comfortable enough for me.

After my work last Friday, 9th Jan., I spotted this winter sun halo gracing the afternoon sky. My heart leaped wildly at seeing it in this color for the first time. Another amazing work of the Greatest Artist!

27 January 2015
Last Sunday, the weather was exquisite! Despite the freezing -9 degrees, my partner & I enjoyed the ministry....

Yesterday, snow fell all day long and into the night. More snow means more wonderful winterland. I'm glad that the below zero temperature is holding on. All the whiteness remains. I don't feel the cold so much now.

And here are some pictures I've amassed during this period.

And more here: More Winter Scenics

There are more stunning natural wonders that transpired in between these excerpts which I'm going to post by topics. Watch out!

Let me conclude this blog with this mosaic of pyrotechnics that I managed to capture at the opening of this year. I love watching these fireworks no matter the occasion. Through these pictures, I want to stress that living a meaningful life doesn't start with the new year. It starts everyday, which means that we have 365 days in a year to enjoy a meaningful and satisfying life. It's all up to us to make it constant and avoid regression. After all, we are the architects of our own lives, so goes the cliche.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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