Friday, June 19, 2015

They Waited For Me!

While  I was having a vacation on another side of this planet, there was that thought that persistently buzzed on my head. I would never see the world of green awaken from its long sleep.  I could not watch the little yellow-green heads simultaneously pop out of the slender twigs, as well as the long-awaited flowering bulbs and other shrubs that hadn't bloomed yet before we traveled. They may have matured or withered away when I would have gotten back.

I pushed the thought to oblivion, not wishing for something that I had no control of. For the time being, I severed myself from my attunement with the natural world of the northern hemisphere and be attuned instead with the life in the tropics to which I was raised up.

When we left Umeå, huge mounds of snow were still all over the ground. When we came back, not a patch of snow remained and the fine gravels sprinkled on the ground in winter had been vacuumed. When we left, the tips of trees were already thick with buds that could pop out any time. When we arrived, only a sliver of green peered out!

Ah, the world of flora waited for me! I got to watch the unfolding of the natural treasures of this season. The spring blooms burst in beauty and colors. I had the chance to relish them, capture their splendor and preserve them. I felt my heart swell with joy and contentment for being surrounded with these yet another gifts from our loving Creator.

Sun halos and sundogs were an almost everyday occurence in this stream of time.

And spring strolled on, spraying cheerful colors in its trail. I trailed along and let myself sprayed with all the colors and the freshness of spring.