Thursday, July 2, 2015

And Then Came Summer

Shortly after our arrival from the tropics, spring's promenade came to an end. It gave me time enough to feel the elation brought forth by all the exquisite things that it offered.

Summer crept in, dragging along the coldness of the early spring, the ominously gray clouds and the persistent rain showers. It gradually shifted to a bipolar weather mode - the alternating outburst of sunshine followed by sudden gloom and showers.

Then one day, sunshine galore came to stay. Real summer was about to be in place. All the trees and bushes burst out in bloom! The late blooming tulips exploded in rich colors and elegance that bejeweled many parts of the city. Half-clad people started pouring out into the streets and parks. Everything under the sun gingered up.

This long-awaited season is indeed the best-loved period by those living in the northern hemisphere, especially those closer to the arctic circle where the summer lasts briefly. I, for one, have also fallen in love with this season. People make the most of this quickly passing season by going on holidays, traveling, camping, mountain hiking, engaging in different outdoor activities, etc.

Back in the tropics,  we call the dry season summer, though that's not really the right word because summer belongs only to the four seasons of the temperate zone, as opposed to the tropical climate consisting of the dry and wet periods, which is characteristic of the Philippines.  I disliked that "summer" because of the extreme heat saturated with humidity that causes perspiration and sticky skin, and the dryness of the ground that withers the grasses. When I came in contact with real summer, my heart was captivated.

sun halos were common too

In celebration of this beautiful season, I'm scattering on this page the beauties that I have gathered over the days.

first mushrooms I spotted

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Happy viewing!

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