Saturday, June 3, 2017

Crazy May

Usually, May should be a warmer month with occasional rain showers. But this year, this month turned up unusual. Crazy actually.

Just when the streets had been cleared of the sprinkled anti-slip gravels, and we had been enjoying a temperature of up to 22 degrees C, a lot of snow came falling again, non-stop for a day or two, and sometimes sporadically over the days, thickly blanketing the ground with fresh snow that would nonetheless melt within the day.

Amid the thickly falling snow, the sun would peer through the clouds and radiate its light and warmth that turned the spring day into a bizarrely but nevertheless lovely winter  scene.

So went the weather for the first half of the month. It was not at all unpleasant for me but was rather exciting. I took delight in seeing the spring bulbs frosted with snow, the budding bushes and trees coated with fresh snow and the ground blanketed with bubbly hails.

The intermittently fine days during this period gave us opportunities to pursue our newly developed outdoor hobby - birding. Hubby and I found ourselves among the group of expert birders in some popular bird habitats around Umeå. Those were also days of craziness, a positive and relaxing craziness though.

And then came the middle of May, tagging along the full sunshine, blue skies, stupefying cloud formations and sparse rain showers.

The late sunsets are awesome! The nights are bright, with the glow of the sun lingering above the horizon at midnight and all through the night.

the colors of midnight

Finally, May came to her senses and presented her annual gifts that soothe the souls of the nature lovers like me. And I've relished such gifts for the rest of the month.

Now, May has slipped away. Despite all her craziness, it was still a charming month packed with unforgettably heartwarming memories, not only in the realm of the natural creation but also in the company of cherished friends who sparked a measure of sunshine in our lives.

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